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Diaphragm Pump(Pneumaitc Pump,Double Diaphragm Air Operated Pump)

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Diaphragm Pump(Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump)Instructions

Brand: Landdrive Double Diaphragm Air Opertated Pneumatic Pump from England

LANDDRIVE pumps features a patented "unbalanced" air valve design:
* No lubrication necessary.
* Less power consumption, good sealing ability for compressed air
* The exhaust valves shift cold exhaust air from ice-prone components, preventing from freezing.
* Lower cost & Few replaceeable spare parts

* Ultra-rugged body construction prolongs pump service lifetime, high temprature resistance

* Bolted pump body design,guarantee for safe operation.
* LANDDRIVE are accredited with ISO9000&CE

Advantages for Pneumatic Pump(Diaphragm Pump)

1.  Can work in feeding empty situation

2.  No flammable spark during operation

3.  is able to used in different liquid transferring, can be used for pumping high solid content material

4. Automatic start and operation when connected to compressed air. Easy to be controlled, no choking during working

5. According to back pressure to adjust pump flow rate

6. Non-motive sealing prevent material from pollution

7. Low shearing force, will not destroy material structure

8. No need for pump foundation arragement ,works as a movable pump

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